Top driving myths busted

Posted On Nov 02 2018

car driving tips for women & men

There are enough myths in this world for people to believe. The internet world has plenty of myths to enlighten you with. Since the automobile industry is vast, we have our own myths to deal with. If people ever tell you the things listed below, be certain to not believe them. Here are 8 driving myths that you may be having in your mind and need to get rid of right away!

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Men are better drivers than women

Let us make a correction in the statement. Men like to believe that they are better drivers than women. Most men will tell you how terrible women are at driving. However, statistics have something else to say. Recent studies show that women are safer drivers than men. The crash insurance that men claim is more in numbers than women do. Moreover, the biggest blunder a driver can make is a rear-end crash. Studies have suggested that nearly 2/3rd of the rear end crashes are done by men. Therefore, women are comparatively safer drivers. Also, men experience way more fatal accidents than women do. This adds to the fact that women appear to be safer drivers than most men. If someone ever tries to take over the car saying “men are better drivers than women”, you know how to reveal the facts.

You should drive with your hands at 10 and 2

It is strange to still hear this statement since this steering position was out of fashion a long time ago. Your parents or elders will often tell you to keep your hands at 10 and 2 while driving. However, it is the most illogical advice to give. One can believe this because of the invention of airbags in the cars. Power steering is also one of the major reasons for ditching this steering position. The “nine and three” position is more sensible to follow.

Driving test examiners have to fail a certain number of people

And hence failing a driving test doesn’t mean that you aren’t good enough to drive.

People often believe that driving test examiners have to fail a certain number of people. Isn’t that the strangest thing you have heard today? However, people will accept this fact. Give it thought, which government would like to increase work for themselves?

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